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Experience the game like never before with the 2023 USFL Passes that grant access to predictions, challenges and rewards. Start taking your fandom to the next level by signing up for the free Fan Pass!

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Fan Pass

Fan Pass

Kick off your fan game with a free Fan Pass that allows you to participate in weekly in-season predictions to show off your football knowledge.

Team Pass

Team Pass

Level up to the Team Pass to join challenges and accumulate points that unlock a chance to win tickets, on-field access and more. Coming soon! See Rewards Program.

Game Pass

Game Pass

Stay in the game and never miss a beat with non-transferable collectible Game Passes that earn points for every game you attend in-stadium.

Get Your Free Fan Pass

The USFL Fan Pass is free and allows you to immerse yourself in the action by participating in predictions. Sign up to get your Fan Pass. Coming Soon!

Explore USFL Team Passes

Each team in the USFL has its own Team Pass and allows you to join challenges and accumulate points for a chance to win tickets, on-field access and more.

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Take Action and Expand Your Fan Experience

Being a fan is not just about watching a game, it’s a way of living that goes beyond the stadium. Discover how you can get the most out of the 2023 USFL Season.

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Make predictions

Make game predictions when the prediction period opens on Monday at 9 a.m. ET and closes one hour before kick off on Saturday or Sunday.

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Join Challenges

Step up your game experience by joining the Fan Pass challenge or in-season Team Pass challenges to accumulate points.

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Access Rewards

Team Pass holders can access rewards and reach new heights of achievement by completing challenges to enter for a chance to win exclusive prizes.

Team Pass Rewards and Prizes


Complete challenges to accumulate points that unlock a chance to win exclusive prizes.
Exclusive Prizes
Get access to enter for a chance to win tickets, on-field access and much more.
On-Field Access
Complete challenges and enter for a chance to be on the field for special events such as pre-game warm-ups and post-game field access.
Elevate your fandom by entering for a chance to win tickets to games such as regular season, playoffs and/or the championship.


Gated Channels on Discord
Access the “Holder’s Lounge” channel in the USFL Discord. Be the first to know about all things USFL, access special virtual events, and talk smack with other pass holders.
Bonus Drops
Collect free non-transferable Game Passes in-stadium as proof you attended a game and allow you to earn points to complete online challenges.
Get discounts on USFL merchandise to use in the online and in-stadium merch store to represent your team in real life.

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